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kHold'em is available in 3 different editions

For small poker rooms

KHold'em Pay-As-You-Go was designed to offer to small poker rooms an advanced instrument for the management of their events.

This version is only suitable for managing tournaments and sit'n go. It is not possible to manage the cash game.

With the Pay-As-You-Go version, you can purchase credit packages that will be used to register players for tournaments or sit'n go (1 credit = 1 registration).

The poker room will be able to use and appreciate all the features offered by kHold'em.


For Casinos or Poker rooms

The PRO edition is the classic edition of kHold'em, without any limitation.
With kHold'em PRO you can entirely manage your Poker Room, doing your daily activities:

  • Tournaments & Sit'n Go management;
  • Cash Game tables planning;
  • Event promotions;
  • Data analysis for customer loyalty program;
  • and much more...


for Casinos networks or Associations

The NET edition is the great innovation of kHold'em and is created to offer a valid and complete support for the management of Casino Networks / Poker Rooms (Network) or Poker associations.
All data will be available on a special website dedicated to the Network.
With kHold'em NET you can manage:

  • multi-room tournaments;
  • customized leagues;
  • special rankings for network players;
  • awards accumulation for the network;
  • and much more...


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