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kHold’em is available in two different editions, all with a “monthly renewal license”
  • PRO. Stand-alone kHold’em edition. It works without internet connection and it can be used to manage a single poker room/casino.

  • NETWORK.This edition is designed to manage all the poker room / casino that is grouped by a network or a poker association. With this edition the network can share the players data, organize multi-room tournament, create global player ranking based on a defined period or specific seasons and leagues. All the data is available to the players through a dedicated website

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Software Units
Monthly fee
Monthly fee
Monthly fee
for each poker room
kHold’em SERVER
This unit identify the primary license. It is required to start kHold’em and includes:
  • kHold’em Server
  • 1(one) Ckeck-in


€ 64,00
kHold’em PDA
This unit allows you to use kHold'em on PDA devices (available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms)
€ 8,00
kHold’em CHECK-IN
This unit allows you to activate an additional client position for managing player registration to tornaments and sit‘ n go.
€ 21,00
This unit allows you to track players activity and game frequency. This unit permits you to develop special promotion based on single player.
€ 26,00
This unit allows to release, real time, the tournaments results. The tournament data are uploaded to website and it will be available with a web portal assigned to the poker room / casino. You can also access data through specific webservices. Users can personalize different templates according to tournament, season or league.
€ 15,00
kHold’em WEBSITE (Includes LIVE SCORE)
This unit includes all the features present in LIVE SCORE unit. In addition, the poker room /caisno can have a dedicated website with global players ranking, ranking based on seasons and leagues, history of all tournament and sit ‘n go played, advanced player statistics.
€ 40,00
kHold’em CASH GAME
This unit allows you to manage cash game tables including waiting list management, profit table tracking (this unit include a "Cash Check-In" client)
€ 48,00
This unit allows you to activate an additional client position for managing player registration for cash game. Useful to add touch-screen desk for players stand-alone registration
€ 21,00
kHold’em BAR
The F&B Manager has been thought for more demanding customers. Thanks to this unit you can solve all the problems related to the bar (products purchase/sale, counter closing repost, deferred payment list)
€ 26,00

The purchase of kHold'em can be done directly from the software, after installing it, or contacting e-Shark

(1) Prices exclude VAT. The VAT will be applied in accordance with current regulations and the country from which you are buying.
(2) kHold’em NETWORK is available for at least 2 (two) poker room / casino. Prices is intended for each month and each poker room / casino.

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