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What is it?

kHold'em Network has been developed specifically for all kinds of Poker Rooms aggregations (Casinos networks, poker associations, etc...) that have the need to manage and share datas between poker rooms linked to the network.

Network edition allows to:

  • have a website dedicated to the network
  • manage an unique database of network's players
  • view overall statistics of all network's poker rooms
  • manage Multi-room tournaments
  • manage overall jackpots (calculated on the entries made in all the poker rooms of the network)

Web control panel

Network is configurated through a dedicated control panel, from where the administrators will be able to:

  • manage the list of poker rooms linked to the network
  • manage the list of tournaments, sit' n go and structures templates
  • configure Multi-room tournaments
  • View statistics on the work done from each poker room
  • centralized management of seasons and leagues (with the possibility to create team leagues)
  • management of awards accumulations for personalized jackpots

Website dedicated to the network

All datas collected by each poker room linked to the network will be shown on a website dedicated to the network.

Graphics and colors of the website will change to comply with the colors of the network.

On the website will be published, in real time, all the events of all poker rooms, and their progress. It will be possible to consult:

  • geographic map of all poker rooms linked to the network
  • list of running events in all poker rooms
  • statistics of running events (livescore)
  • statistics of all players who have played within the network
  • overall statistics, for each poker room, by year or specific leagues

Centralized players database

kHold'em has been developed to share the players database between all the poker rooms linked to the network.

When a player goes for the first time in one of the poker room of the network will be registered and, from that moment, his datas will be available in all poker rooms of the network.

Player's datas can be recognized through a dedicated player card issued by the network, an ID card or an email.

Multi-room events management

kHold'em network offers a full support to automatically manage Multi-room tournaments.

On the control panel, administrators can set a multi-room tournament, define the list of the room who will take part in the event, and define in which days the tournament will be played for each for each room.

Each poker room will find automatically, within his kHold'em, among the scheduled events, the tournament scheduled by network's administrators.

At the end of day 1 in all poker rooms of the network, it will be possible to define where the following days will be played.

Standard events and structures templates

On the web control panel, administrators will be able to define a list of standard tournaments, sit' n go and structures to be used within the network.

In this way, all poker rooms of the network will see on their software the list of standard templates which may be used to create new events.

Network's administrators will be able to not allow the creation of events different from the standard templates. In this way it will be possible to create the same tournaments scheduling between all poker rooms linked to the network.

Seasons and Leagues

kHold'em network allows to manage centralized and customized leagues.

For each league will be possible to decide which poker room can partecipate, the duration and the formula to be used for the calculation of points to be awarded to each player.

It will be possible also to create team leagues (it will be possible to associate players to each team)

Rankings of each league will be shown on the website dedicated to the network.