How kHold'em works


kHold'em was designed to meet the needs of all the professionals that works within the organization of a Poker Room.

kHold'em Client/Server architecture allows the use of multiple devices simultaneously to manage tournaments, sit'n go, cash game tables and Bar sales.

kHold'em supports mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) on iOS or Android operating systems. This allows you to speed up and optimize all operations relating to the management of tournaments, sit'n gos and cash game tables.


The scheme above shows the structure of kHold'em

  • With mobile devices, the Tournament Director manages each tournament and Sit 'n Go and controls Floormen and Dealers actions

  • With the Tournament Viewer you can project all active tournaments at the same time or project a single tournament on multiple rooms / monitors

  • The Check-In Unit allows players registration in a tournament with the automatic assignment of the table and place; also it allows you to print the Tournament ticket with a barcode for players identification

  • The Check-In Unit also allows the registration of players to Cash Game tables with automatic management of waiting lists

  • With a barcode scanner you can identify the players and know where a player is sitting (to be used especially for the Multi-day tournaments)

  • With PDAs you can manage Sit'n go without the "button timer"