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kHold'em in now available in FREE edition for small Poker Room.
Once you have tried it, you will definitely leave old and simple poker clocks.


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With kHold'em PRO you can manage all types of tournaments and without limitations


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Card Room Management System


Easy to install and even easier to use.
By using kHold’em is possible to manage the entire sequence of a live poker game.
This means from player identification to his registration to the gaming offer (whether it is Tournament or Cash game).

Download kHold'em Free



Up to 100 registrations per week. Manage Tournament and Sit'n Go and discover all the features of kHold'em


Create your players database with up to 200 unique players and analize complete gaming statistics


kHold'em Free offers the ability to use your Smartphone or Tablet to manage all Tournaments and Sit'n Go with a maximun of 2 tables.
You could manage tournaments with more tables only from the server.

Learn more about kHold'em by checking our feature set and compare the available editions.