kHold'em is the only one in the world!

The first "MANAGEMENT SYSTEM" for Poker Rooms

Not just a tournament clock but a real management to automate and simplify the problems related to a Poker Room. The Client / Server architecture (that enables the use of multiple devices simultaneously) and completeness of managed departments (tournaments, sit n go, cash games, bar, website, livescore) make kHold'em the ONLY software in the world of its kind.

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Multi-user management

kHold'em allows the configuration of all professionals that work within the management of a Poker Room.
The user management allows you to control the list of Tournament Directors, Floormen, Dealers, Administrators and Check-In employees.
Depending on the type of user, kHold'em allows the operation inherent in the professional role.
All actions of all users are tracked to provide full reports to administrators.

Live updates

All actions done by any device, both desktop and PDA, act in real time on active events. In this way all software's users will always have the control of what is happening in areas not directly controlled. Example :

  • Is there a new player registered at the Check-in ? on the display will be updated instantly the total number of players
  • Does A floorman performs a "player out" from the PDA? The Check-in will be notified about the availability of a new seat;

PDAs & Tablets Support

kHold'em supports the use of PDAs and Tablets for tournaments management. Tournament Directors and Floormen will no longer need to run to the computer to perform a "player out", players' movements or pause the tournament.

kHold'em is now available on:

Multiple Viewer

Via the Stand-Alone Viewer you can project simultaneously the same tournament on multiple screens and/or more tournaments on different screens.
You do no longer need a complicated video infrastructure and audio/video experts. Just a simple NetBook for each projection.

Check-In Unit

Another great innovation introduced by kHold'em is a section dedicated to the registration of players in a tournament or a cash game table. Infact, Check-in unit meets the needs related to this issue (ticket printing, cash closing report, etc...).

Bar Management

The Bar management has been developed for the most demanding customers who want from kHold'em the highest in the management of their business.
Whit this unit you' ll be able to resolve all issues related to the management of a Bar (buying / selling products, cash closing reports, list of pending payments, etc...).

Player Management

kHold'em offers all the essential tools to manage and monitor all the activities that a player performs in the Poker Room.

Personal data management

  • player's personal details (Surname, Name, Birthdate, Country, Photo, telephone numbers and email);
  • card management with possible expiration date;
  • notifications management through SMS and Email;
  • privacy management for publishing data on the web;

Game account

For each player, you can manage a game account to use for subscribing to events or purchasing products at the bar.
From the player screen it is possible to:

  • display the balance of the game account;
  • realize deposits and withdrawals;
  • view all account movements;

Alert and Ban Management

For each player, you can enter warning messages that will be displayed during the player's registration at Tournaments and Sit'n Go or at Cash Game.

It is possible to view warning or blocking messages (BAN). In the latter case, the player will not be able to participate in any game.

Transaction List

From the transaction list you can consult:

  • Tournaments and Sit'n Go played and related prizes with details of the payment methods used;
  • deposits and withdrawals realized;
  • total of VIP points and SPP gained (see VIP System)
  • purchases made at the Bar;
  • items purchased on Vip Store;
  • tickets won and their use;

Ticket Management

Players can get tickets through satellite tournaments or buy them from the Vip Store. For each ticket it will be possible to determine if it is money convertible and a due date.

Tickets can be generated for:

  • a specific Tournament and/or Sit'n Go (eg Ticket for Main Event);
  • any model of Tournament and/or Sit'n Go (eg Ticket for Monday's tournament);
  • any Tournament and/or Sit'n Go of a specific value (eg Ticket for 100€ buyin tournaments)

Tournament & Sit'n Go Statistics

From the statistics tab you can consult the list of all events (tournaments and sit'n go) in which the player participated, with indication of the win or loss obtained.

From this section it will also be possible to view the chart related to the trend of each player's profit performance.

User interface

kHold'em user interface has been designed to make the access to the functionality of the software extremely easy.


The Office Ribbon style menu gives to you fast access to all the functionality of kHold'em.

All kHold'em masks follow a standard design and they make easier the learning of this software.

Multilingual support

kHold'em is currently available in English and Italian (other languages will be available soon).

Each user can set his favourite language.

Multi Skin

On kHold'em you can change the themes using a full skins system.

Each user can set his favourite theme.

Tournaments & Sit'n Go

kHold'em provides full support for managing all types of tournaments of Texas Hold'em and all variants.

General Configuration

  • tournament info (description, tournament date, currency, mode, buy-in, starting chips, guaranteed prize);
  • Support for Multi-Entry tournaments, with the option to customize buy-in and fees for the entries following the first;
  • contributions by amount and percentage (taxes, house and additional);
  • registration information (players per table, tournament CAP, automatic seat assignment;
  • Knock-Out and Progressive Knock-Out management (sets the value of the bounty);

Rebuy, Addon

  • Rebuy management (sets the value, fee, chips for every rebuy, numbers of rebuy allowed and the maxium level allowed for rebuy);
  • Addon management (sets the value, fee, chips and the level when the addon is allowed);


  • setting of unlimited game levels;
  • breaks setting;
  • setting of game type per level;
  • indication of the level where the "chip race" has to be done;
  • option to create levels templates for following imports;

Tournament players
  • tournament management with entry of players taken from the general database;
  • setting of payment method for each player;
  • points assignment based on the placement (calculation with standard PLB formula or with a customized formula);
  • automatic seat assignment;

"Multi-Day" management

  • Multi-day, Stack choice or Accumulator tournaments management;
  • automatic management of tournaments divided into more days (day1A, day1B, etc..);
  • CAP configuration for each day;
  • game levels assignment for each day;
  • automatic assignment of players left to the next day;
  • registration of players to the favourite day;

Log activities

For each event kHold'em records all actions performed by each user recording the type of operation, the user and the time. This will make possible to check and correct any anomalies or mistakes.

Tournament viewer

kHold'em is the first software that introduces the concept of multiple tournament viewer.
This allows the poker room to project simultaneously more tournaments or the same tournament in more rooms.

The Viewer

The tournament viewer is an independent software (stand-alone), which allows the poker room to install it on multiple computers.

For each viewer you' ll be able to choose which tournament display/project and which graphic (layout) to use.


Through the settings you can select:

  • the layout to display;
  • the tournament to be displayed;
  • voices/sounds to use for important events (level change, tournament start, beginning of a break, etc...);


kHold'em offers a full graphics customization. It will be possible to:

  • Create layouts according to screen resolution (800x600, 1024x768, etc);
  • Import/Export of created layouts;
  • Duplicate an existing layout to use it as a base to create new one;
  • Set default graphics settings from where they can inherit the inserted elements;

In a layout, you can manage the following items:

  • Text boxes (with fixed text or special text (tokens) that identify elements of the tournament (players, buy-in, description, etc ..);
  • Images and/or banners;
  • Lists (Players list by position, prize list, list of players eliminated from the tournament, etc..);

For each item you can change:

  • The font (font, size, color, alignment, shadow);
  • Background (image, fixed color, gradient);
  • Border (size, color);

Check In

Quickly register players in a Tournament or a Sit'n'Go.

Centralized management

kHold'em offers a centralized management from which you can register a player in any active Tournament or Sit'n Go.

Quickly search players in the archive via name or register new players with all the personal data.

Registration data

For each registration you can put payment method, even mixed (cash, chips, tickets, etc ..), recording notes and print the registration ticket with all the tournament, player and assigned place datas (according to the tournament options).

Customizable ticket

With kHold'em you can configure the graphic of "Tournament ticket" printed by CheckIn. Through "Ticket Designer" you can decide the look and the information that you want to print.

You can also print a bar code identification of the tournament/player to know at all times the position of a player (useful after the redraw of the tables especially in Multi-day tournaments)


kHold'em allows you to print at the end of the day, detailed reports relating to registrations made with the specifications of all payments received by type and by single tournament and Sit'n'Go.
It will be easy to make the cash closing.

PDAs support

kHold'em App provides complete control of Tournaments and Sit'n'Go directly from your PDA or tablet without having to constantly interact with the desktop computer.

Using the touch screen simplifies the usability.

kHold'em App is available for:

Tournaments e Sit'n Go list

From the list of tournaments and/or Sit'n Go you can access and manage every single event.

  • full tournament management (timer, player out, etc...);
  • management of players registered;
  • tables management;
  • levels management;
  • payout management;
  • advanced view of the history;

Tournament/Sit'n Go management

Accessing to the tournament management you will have the option to perform the main actions on the tournament.

It shows all the information of the tournament (current level, next level, Timer, No. of players, tournament Statistics)

From the top toolbar you can manage the timer (Play, Pause, forward, back), Rebuy and Addon, table balancing and the main actions on players (Sit/Move, Player out, Chip count).

There is also an extra timer to be used when a player at the table call the time.


From players management you can see the list of all registered players to an event.

If the player is still in the game kHold'em will shows you the table and the seat where he is seated.

This will make easier to search a player. This feature greatly make easier the work of Blogger and Journalists who often looks for a player to do the interviews.

Levels management

From the levels management the Tournament Directors has full control over the levels of a tournament.

From the PDA it will be possible to change preset levels and make any necessary changes based on the needs of the moment:

  • Increase the duration of a level or a break;
  • Anticipate/Postponing a break;
  • Add/ Remove levels;

Deal request

At the final table of a tournament players often ask for a Deal.

Through a function the Tournament Director can easily give instructions to the players on the recalculations of the prizes based on the chips or divided equally between the remaining players.

After the players agree the deal, the Tournament Director can set the prizes directly from his PDA, updating automatically the payout of the tournament.

Cash game

The Cash game Unit, allows you to manage cash tables and waiting lists when the tables are full. The registration to the tables can also be made by the players through their identification cards.

Players registration

As for tournaments and sit n go, even for cash game is available a screen dedicated to registration of players at the cash game tables.

Every day you can open a cash game session by defining the tables that are opening (specifying the type of game, the stakes and the number of players per table).

Registration info

For each registered player you can:

  • look at the registration scheme with the total playing time;
  • put the player on the waiting list on other busy tables ;
  • make the player check-out as soon as the game ends;
  • see the history of check-in and check-out;

Touch Screen management

kHold'em has a unit that allows the player, by the poker room card, to register at the cash game tables open in the day.

Available stakes (blinds) will be displayed to the player that can independently register on them. If the tables are all full player will automatically be added to the waiting list.

Waiting lists monitor

Through the viewer will be able to project the list of waiting lists available for each stake (blind).

As soon as a seat becomes available the players present in the list will be called on the board for a total time decided by the poker room. At the expiry of the time kHold'em will pass to the next player.

Waiting lists can be managed by name, nickname or just with the number of Ticket to ensure maximum privacy.


The screen on the waiting list can be fully customized to create different layouts as needed.

It will be possible to define the layout with the colors of the poker room or add promotional banners.

Cash sessions history

All cash game sessions played are stored and can be accessed and/or modified. In any cash game you can analyze:

  • the list of players on the details about the check-in and check-outs;
  • the list of open tables with the corresponding generated rake;
  • the total duration of the session;

Vip System

The Vip System is definitely the great news introduced by kHold'em.

Today poker rooms are becoming more competitive and a competition based only on weekly schedules often is not enough. For this reason kHold'em offers the opportunity to build customer loyalty through a collection point, as well as with online poker, based on the player's gaming volume.

VIP Campaign Definition

VIP points assignment (VP) occurs by defining VIP Campaigns that may be different for each period.

For each VIP Campaign, it is possible to define the VIP Levels that are calculated according to the points accumulated by players on a monthly or yearly basis.

Each VIP point earned will assign to the player some points called 'Store Player Points (SPP)' that could be used for the purchase within the VIP Store or for event enrollment where SPP is allowed.

The earned SPP points depend on the multiplier specified in the VIP level of the campaign.

Points definition

The points definition logic is different between tournaments and cash game.

  • In tournaments and sit'n go you can set the number of points for each buyin or fee unit (eg 10 points each € of fee);
  • In the cash game you can set the number of points for each game minute based on the stake (blind) played;

Points can be differentiated for championship and season in order to create promotional periods (eg double points, etc.).

Detailed movements

From the VIP Campaign you can analyze the list of all movements generated by the VIP System.

Specifically, it will be possible to view:

  • all VIP points (VP) assigned to each single Tournament, Sit'n Go and/or Cash Game session;
  • all Store Player Points (SPP) assigned to the player based on their membership level;
  • all purchases made in the VIP Store;

VIP Store

Within a VIP Campaign you can create an article catalog that can be purchased through the Store Player Points (SPP) earned by each player.

In this way it will be possible to enter:

  • Cash Bonus (withdrawable and not withdrawable);
  • Tickets for Tournaments and/or Sit'n Go;
  • Products available at the Bar;
  • Other customized items (gadgets, electronics, clothing, etc);

Bar Management

kHold'em provides a full support for managing the Bar. Designed for touch-screen systems, kHold'em makes sales operations extremely fast.

Products configuration

  • products identification through internal code or barcode;
  • family of the product;
  • selling price;
  • overall statistics on costs and selling prices of the products;
  • Overall statistics on the handling of the product;

Product sale

  • developed interface for touch screen systems;;
  • List of families with image;
  • list of products belonging to the family;
  • option of inserting products not registered;
  • discounts and rebates management;

Sale confirmation

  • player assignment;
  • insertion of the payment method;
  • calculation of the change based on the amount charged;;
  • option to charge a sale as paid;
  • management of pending payments for the player;

Purchase management

  • suppliers data archive;
  • management of purchase documents with automatic store load;
  • automatic statistics management on purchase costs for each product;

Statistic reports

  • detailed statistics by product;;
  • detailed statistics by player;
  • detailed statistics by date/period of sale;

Social & Marketing

Make communication with players easier by sending business SMS and eMail directly from kHold'em.

Notifications settings

  • set for each player the type of notification (SMS and/or eMail);
  • set for each player the limits related to the tournaments buy-in to be notified (save on SMS to send);


  • send low cost SMS all over the world;
  • prepares your standard SMS templates. In the templates, you can put special fields for the tournaments and the players so you can send nominal messages;
  • send SMS via an advanced dashboard that allows you to check the total cost of SMS to be sent before you have sent them;
  • schedule date and sending time of SMS;


  • send Business eMail related to the tournaments;
  • prepares your standard eMail templates. In the templates, you can enter special fields for the tournaments and the players so you can send nominal messages;
  • schedule the date and sending time of eMails;
  • send eMail without worry of being banned (eMails are sent via kHold'em server);

Live score

Live score unit allows the poker room to publish, in real time, the state of active tournaments.

Default web page

For each tournament kHold'em automatically creates a web page from which you can see all the information relating to:

  • General Information of the tournament;
  • Registered players by Chips;
  • Blinds structure;
  • List of tables with the players view for every single table;
  • General statistics of the tournament;
  • Detailed Payout structure;

Settings and Updates

For each tournament you can set the banner of the tournament to be published on the web page.
Every minute, completely automatically, all the updates of the active events will be published.
Through the 'WEB' button you can quickly reach the page dedicated to the event.


The Website Unit includes all the features of the Live score and gives to the poker room a dedicated website where will be published all played and scheduled tournaments,yearly and general rankings, played leagues and all the players statistics.

Website configuration

Through the configuration of the Poker Room you can:

  • specify the name of the website that will be dedicated to the poker room;
  • set up the links to Facebook and Twitter pages;
  • specify the theme to use;
  • set a banner on the homepage;

The website will be accesible via the url[pokerroomname] or, on request, you can use of a top-level domain (

Events settings

For each event (Tournament or Sit'n Go) you will be able to:

  • write a complete description of the event;
  • put a small logo to be displayed in the list of upcoming events;
  • put a banner to be used in the tournament page (live score);

Home page

The homepage is a showcase of the Poker Room. It will be possible to look:

  • player of the year (current year);
  • the best male player;
  • the best female player;
  • events schedule;
  • the ranking of the best 10 players of the poker room;


On the events section will be possible to:

  • look at Tournaments and Sit'n'Go running in the poker room (active events);
  • the list of upcoming events in the following days;
  • the list of all past events played in the poker room;

Yearly rankings

Each event played in the poker room will help, automatically, to generate the ranking of the best players of the year (POY).

The ranking is generated based on the formula set within the general settings of the poker room. The default formula is the PLB.

In the rankings section you can check the rankings by year.


The leagues section is reserved for all the customized rankings of the poker room through the "Season and Leagues" management.

All the rankings will be determined automatically considering all events (tournaments and Sit'n'Go) assigned to a specific league.

The rankings will be determined based on the customized formula set in the league.

Players info

Clicking on the name of a player you can see the details of the played events. It will be possible to see:

  • player's ranking by year and championship;
  • overall number of events played and events cashed (ITM);
  • the best result obtained;
  • the detailed list of tournaments played;