Release Notes 3.6.2

Jan 09, 2023

# Tournaments

  • Table balance button won't be shown if there are unseat players
  • Solved an issue on Table balance algorythm that will move a player to a table and then add another movement from a different table to fill same table
  • Added permission to Screen management. You can now enable Groups to Edit settings/Show-hide screen/Change projection
  • Structure description has now been moved to tab DESCRIPTION in Edit Structure. In case of Multiday tournament if flight has no Description set it will publish on web the Description set on Summary.
  • Day description is now visible with tournament number (eg. #78 (1/A))

# Tournament Levels

  • Levels in multiday tournament can now be inherited from Summary or customized for the single day, it essentially works on same way but now the behavior its more clear
  • Flights that has Inherited levels from Summary will now copy also Breaks
  • Flights that has Customized levels will never get changes applyed to Summary levels
  • Subscription Open and Subscription Close can now be Edited from flights Tab
  • If Late Registration level is set the Subscription Close on the flights that does not have the Level in their structure will be set to the Start Date of the Flight

#  Tournament Director Mobile App

  • Show on Monitor is now available for Tournament Director Mobile App

# Tournament Checkin (Waiting List)

  • Players will now be registered on waiting in the following condition:  Subscription has been set as Suspended  'Available seats' subtracted of 'Waiting players' its lower or equal to zero.
  • Players WILL NEVER be registered in waiting if:   'Assign random seat' is set to false and the flag 'Allow player subscription when no seat is available' is set to true
  • Players that are still in game cannot be subscribed anymore to the waiting list
  • Players that have reached the max number of Entries cannot be subscribed anymore to the waiting list
  • Players subscribed on waiting list will now have the Tournament Ticket number assigned immediatly which can also be printed in the waiting list ticket (You have to edit the ticket in order to add that field)
  • Scanning the QR Code of a waiting list ticket will work also if the player has been moved from waiting list to ingame players

# Layout

  • Grid components can now show multiple page on same screen and then number of visible row can be defined in the layout.
  • Font can now be drawn with Texture image
  • Font can now be drawn with Borders
  • Fixed issue that won't show the Payout description if set

# Ticket Reports

  • Add currency field to Transaction Reports (Ticket needs to be edited in order to add the field)

# Fixed minor bugs

Release Notes 3.6.1

Nov 11, 2022

# New Features

  • App Notifications. This tool allows you to send push notifications to players via your custom mobile app. Valid only for those who have purchased the custom App.

#  Desktop App

  • The waiting list ticket ID can now be scanned and used after the player has been moved from the waiting list to the registered players list.
  • Added permissions for League/Tournament Announcements and League/Tournament Description
  • Added tournament number in event display setting wizard
  • Added event number to description in Transactions
  • Added currency symbol field on all Ticket report
  • Added event number to Contribution tab in League
  • Added a flag to allow players to be registered even if no seat is available if the "Assign random seat" is unflagged. This will allow to register player with Manual seat if no seat is available.

# Tournament Checkin

  • Fix: When a player is subscribed on tournament using the membership card and the player already exists, kHold’em will now give an error message to registration desk “Player already exists” (Same behavior as registering a player by name)

# kHold’em Multimedia

  • Fxied some bug during the draw of the Cash Waiting List
  • Added extra fields for tournaments (League Notes, League Announcements, Tournament Note, Tournament Announcements)

# Tournament App

  • Allow Random sit or Manual from registration can now be edited from the App
  • Added a banner that show if there are player without seat and allow TD to sit them in an easy way
  • Added a banner that show player in waiting list and allow to sit them
  • Tournament description now will also contain the tournament number
  • Added a feature to show the list of Bonus Ticket of the tournament (Mystery Bounty/Satellite). From the list you can then assign/unassign ticket to a player
  • Added the ability to edit Level Note from level structure
  • Added total information on Tables tab (Total Seat/Total Free seat/Total Filled Seat/Total tables)
  • Fixed wrong time info in Player info for field Subscription Date

# Fixed minor bugs

Release Notes 3.5.1

Aug 19, 2022

# New Features

  • Document Template management. Now it is possible to create signable PDF template to submit to the player during the registration process through a specific APP (Document Signer)
  • Document Signer. By running kholdem.exe with /documentSigner parameter it will run the document Signer app

#  Club room management

  • In Club/Venue there is now ability to add/edit Room
  • Select name and table planner for the room

# Ticket Report

  • Added Unsubscription ticket report
  • Added Elimination ticket report (Congratulation card)

# Players

  • Added Account Date field
  • Added Export to PDF action on Transactions
  • Added “Add from template” in Attachments tab

# Layout Editor

  • Fixed an issue that will loose font on Save when the used font is not installed on the machine.
  • Added fields related to the specific day (entry_day, reentry_day, pot_day, etc)

# Season

  • Added Descriptio, Announcement, Code, Club field to League
  • Added Logo to League. This field can be used on Clock/Billboard/Cashgame Layout-    Tournament

# Tournaments

  • Fixed issue that will loose some fields during editing when moving on different screen
  • Added Short Description field for a tournament
  • Added information about Re-Entries/Re-Entries per day, Unique player/Unique player per day, Countries/Countries per day, New entries (from day 2)
  • New feature: Tournament Attachment
    • Images/documents can now be attached to tournament
    • Images can be linked also to ITM player

# Tickets

  • Add ability to select Flight on Ticket creation (for 15% payout management)
  • Ticket will now be selectable only if the player is on same flight set on Ticket, if a flight is selected

# Tournament Check-in

  • Print unregistration ticket when unregister player
  • Re-print/Export pdf unregistration action from history
  • New feature: Tournament History.
  • Associate device has been substituted by Device menu. This feature will allow to edit device information. If you click on New it will run the Associate Device feature.
  • Available Screens/Multimedia
  • Added Ability to link a Club Room to the device. If Club room is assigned the layout can use Club room fields (like table planner image)

# Tournament App

  • Fixed issue that won’t save settings on device
  • Fixed issue that won’t save selected server on device
  • Added feature to save multiple servers configuration
  • Added ability to print congratulation card (elimination ticket) for player
  • Fixed other issue

# Fixed minor bugs

Release Notes 3.5.0

May 16, 2022

# Supporting 64 bit

# General Performance Optimization

# Fixed minor bugs

Release Notes 3.4.9

Feb 11, 2022

# Service

  • Fixed an issue when running cashgame session, the service will crash unexpectly

# Multimedia

  • Added Feature to assign a description to each screen
  • Added Feature for edit connected media screen directly from the home (available only for Administrator users)

# Tournament

  • Saving performance improved
  • Fixed an issue on internal clock that will lose time in slow devices
  • Fixed an issue when loading Level templates

# Layout Editor

  • Added formula field
  • Added wordwrap property on grid panel columns

# Cash Stakes

  • Added Order field that will allow to change the order of the stakes projected on screen

# Cashgame Touch Screen

  • Fixed an issue when Print ticket on a checkedin player that won't print the player seat

# Fixed minor bugs

Release Notes 3.4.8

Jan 30, 2022

# Home

  • Added extra columns on tournaments view
  • Moved templates to tab to give more space to tournaments list

# Tournament

  • Added feature to customize flight description.
  • Added an option when creating a flight and importing a tournament result to select how to sit player.

# Level Templates

  • Fixed issue on Save As that create not ordered level templates

# Tournament Templates

  • Fixed issue that don't allow to edit templates with Max Re Entries field

# Statistics & Reports

  • Restyling of the UI

# Fixed minor bugs

Release Notes 3.4.7

Dec 29, 2021

# SecurityAdded Change Password feature and Advanced Password settings for GDPR compliance.

# MembershipAdded Membership Affiliation management. This feature will allow you define different Affiliation plan to your Member with different pricing by defining periods and fees.

# Player Account

  • Time Bank account for cashgame; this account will allow Player to purchase Time that they can spend on Gashgame table if the Stakes allows this modality.
  • Added Credit field to Account. Now, if allowed, Player can request Credit on their account.

# Tournament

  • Tournament List Layout can now be customized
  • Levels Start date will now automatically be calculated depending on the tournament start date
  • Subscription close date will now be automatically calculated if you select a late registration level
  • Minor bug fixes

# Cash Game

  • UI has been restiled to be more user friendly.
  • Added Timebank Rake system

# Marketing

  • Added the ability to use SMS provider like Twilio, Amazon, Local Phone
  • Added the ability to use Email provider  by defining SMTP settings

# Ranking Management

  • Added cashgame results
  • Minor bug fixes

# Ticket Report Editor

  • Added feature to multiple move fields
  • Minor bug fixes

# Support for LiPoker App

# Fixed minor bugs