kHold'em Release 3.3.0

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New preview release at Global Gaming Expo
Las Vegas October 15-17 2019

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In the new kHold’em 3.3.0, we introduce a significant improvement in the Cash Game unit.
All the existing features are upgraded, and most importantly, the module is expanded with the new Dealer APP.

Cash Game - New APP for Dealers

The Tablet App is now available for all those operators willing to exploit the full potential of the Cash Game Unit, to enable dealers to track every single hand played in each table.

This way it will be possible:

  • To record players who are actually in the running at each hand
  • To set up the Total Pot of each hand and to calculate automatically the rake to be withdrawn
  • To ask for a new stack at the table
  • To call the floorman
  • To call the bar crew
  • To keep track of received tips

Cash Game - Check-In Improvements

The cash game Check-In has been revisited trying to improve its intuitiveness and ease of use.

With this new release, it will no longer be necessary to add or remove the stakes from the session but, from the list of stakes it will be possible to quickly change the status (not active, registration open, active, etc)

Check-in was also enriched with all the information coming from the APP for Dealers. In this way, information on individual hands, rake produced or tips given to dealers can be verified and/or modified from the desk.

Cash Game - Viewer Improvements

The Cash Game viewer has been re-engineered offering now a greater possibility of displaying the active cash game sessions.

Specifically, it is now possible:

  • To view the list of active stakes with the list of players registered in a waiting list. It is now possibile to define the number of rows and columns to display
  • Division of the stakes by group to differentiate the stakes to be projected on different monitors
  • To view the status of all active stakes with details on the number of open tables, number of players in the game, number of players on a waiting list and registration status

New APP to send Text Messages

With release 3.3.0 kHold'em introduces a new APP to provide an advanced, low-cost tool to communicate with its players.

The new APP, called kHol'em Gateway offers the possibility of sending text messages to players using your own Smartphone and your GSM card.

This tool will allow you to send text messages at low cost, or free, based on your rate profile.

The APP is currently only available for Android systems.