kHold'em Release 3.2.0

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Game Account Management

Every player registered on kHold'em now has their own game account that can be used both to sign up for Tournaments and Sit'n Go and for purchasing products at the Bar.

On each game account you will be able to manage:

  • deposits and withdrawals in cash
  • accreditation of winnings achieved in Tournaments and / or Sit'n Go
  • define potential bonus to be credited
  • establish for each accreditation whether the amount may or may not be withdrawed in cash

New VIP System

VIP System Management has been considerably improved by inserting all the classic concepts of loyalty systems used in online poker

  • management of VIP campaigns for a time period
  • introduction of the VIP Point (VP) concept assigned based on the game volume and Store Player Points (SPP) that can be spent on the VIP Store and for tournament entry
  • possibility to define VIP levels based on VP earned, on a monthly or yearly basis. For each VIP level it will be possible to define the multiplier to generate SPPs
  • management of the VIP Store. It is now possible to manage the list of products that can be purchased through SPPs. Among the articles of the VIP store it will be able to include: Bonus cash, ticket tournaments and sit'n go, bar articles, gadgets, etc.

Transactions Management

Now kHold'em uses an innovative transactional system to notice and track all the economic and VIP system movements that take place within the Poker Room.

Transactions can be viewed directly from the Tournament and / or Sit'n Go card, from cash game sessions, player cards, and from Poker Room identity record.

Ticket Management

This version introduces the innovative Ticket Tournament and / or Sit'n Go management.
Tickets can be generated for:

  • a specific Tournament and / or Sit'n Go (eg Ticket for Main Event)
  • any model of Tournament and / or Sit'n Go (eg Ticket for Monday's tournament)
  • any Tournament and / or Sit'n Go of a specific value (eg Ticket for € 100 buyin tournaments)

Players can get tickets through satellite tournaments or buy them from the Vip Store. For each ticket it will be possible to determine both if it is money convertible and an expiry date.

Ranking Management

Now rankings management is no longer tied to 'Seasons and League' but it has been created a separate management from which you can manage unlimited rankings, also allowing to join the same Tournaments and / or Sit'n Go on multiple rankings simultaneously.

For those who own the website, it will also be possible to decide whether to publish the individual rankings on the web.

Player card improvements

The player card has been updated with information and additional features.

  • Alert Management and Player Ban
    For each player, you can now enter alerts with valid dates to be displayed when the player logs in an event.
    An alert can also be a block, preventing the player from enrolling in any type of game (BAN)

  • Attachment Management
    For each player, you can keep a list of attachments (documents or images), select them from the disk, capture them from scanners or from webcams.

  • Info game Account and VIP System
    On each player’s identity record has been entered the following data referring to:
    • Game account balance (with the possibility of making deposits or withdrawals)
    • Store Player Points (SPP) balance that can be spent in the store
    • Current VIP Level (based on Active VIP Campaign)
    • VIP Points earned in the month and year
    • Missing points for reaching the next VIP level